Sponsorship opportunities

The Barcelona Free Software group organizes presentations and discussions about Free and Open Source software in Barcelona. Our main mission is to gather and enrich the flourishing technology community in the area.

We do this by making sure that projects have a channel to explain what they do and by facilitating the encounter with possible new collaborators. This happens in a relaxed atmosphere where problems get to be solved and connections can be made.

To make sure the group is sustainable, we've set up the following sponsorship program, with two levels of sponsorship.



Reach us

If you are interested in being an sponsor, please contact us.

Where is the money spent?

You can check Barcelona Free Software group financial information page to see where we spend the money.

Who are we?

The Barcelona Free Software group is organized by KDE España organization. KDE España has been active as a non profit organization during the last 8 years spreading KDE and Free Software in Spain.